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Q. I own two old stock certificates. Where can I research what
they're worth?
Kerry O. Showalter

Numerous online organizations and shops cater to "scripophiles,"
as fans of old documents are known. Visit the International Bond
and Share Society (www or the Washington
Historical Autograph and Certificate Organization
( for an introduction.

For $75, R.M. Smythe  or Stock Search
International  will investigate whether
a certificate represents ownership in an existing company. Or
check out state archives or old Moody's books on your own.

If a document is worthless as a security, it may have value as
an antique (though most aren't worth much). Forty or so dealers
nationwide, such as or the New York Gift
Ex to buy and sell old scripiphily. Auction sites
like eBay, and Yahoo! are also good places to buy,
sell and price old stocks and bonds.

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